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Sushi Combo ( Served with Miso Soup & Salad ).


74. Maki Set
Roll: 6 pcs California roll. 6 pcs Tuna roll.



75. Sushi Set A
8pcs: salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, spicy salmon suchi
1 salmon skin handroll.



76. Sushi Set B
1pc salmon, 1pc tuna, 1pc red sanpper, 1pc yellow tail, 1pc white tuna,
1pc butter fish sushi, 6 pcs spicy salmon roll.



77. Sushi Set C
Suchi: 1pc Shrimp, 1pc Octopus, 1pc Surf Clam, 1pc Crab Meat, 1pc Egg, 1pc B.B.Q. Eel
Roll: California 6pcs



78. Sashimi & Sushi Set A
Sashimi: 2pcs salmon, 2pcs tuna, 2pcs white tuna
Sushi: 2pcs shrimp, 2pcs crab meat
Roll: 6pcs cucumber roll



79. Sashimi & Sushi Set B
Sashimi: 2pcs salmon, 2pcs tuna, 2pcs red snapper, 2pcs white tuna
Sushi: 2pcs shrimp, 2pcs yellow crab tail, 2pcs salmon, 2pcs tuna
Roll: 6pcs spicy tuna roll



80. Vegetarian Sushi Set
2pcs mushroom, 2pcs bean curd, 2pcs seaweed
6pcs avocado roll



Sakura specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine prepared the finest delicacy. We offer a large variety of specialties such as Sushi, Tempura, Sashimi, Special Maki, Teriyaki, different types of Teppanyaki and kid's temppanyaki to authentic appetizers and salads. One of the favorites among Sakura`s customers are the various Japanese cocktails offered. Also, enjoy our Party Trays with up to 92 pcs.

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